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Want to win a star? Yes, a real star! Well, all you have to is enter Elizabeth Scott's <a href="">Something, Maybe </a> Out Of This World contest! <br /><br />Here's how you enter: <br /><br />1. Buy a copy of <a href="">Something, Maybe</a>, which is available at your favorite local bookstore and also at Wal-Mart and save the receipt.<br /><br />2. Take a picture of the receipt and then send the picture to <b></b> <br /><br />3. Once Elizabeth gets the picture of your receipt, you'll be entered into the Out Of This World contest!<br /><br />Here are the prizes:<br /><br />First Prize: A star (If you read the book, you'll know why this is the first prize, and not only will you get your very own star--you'll even get to <a href="">name it</a>, and it is your star FOREVER!)<br /><br />Second Prize: Two people will each get a $25 gift certificate to the bookstore of their choice<br /><br />Third Prize: Three people will a signed copy of any of Elizabeth's current novels--including the upcoming Love You Hate You Miss You<br /><br />Again, all you have to do to enter is buy <a href="[">Something, Maybe</a> and send a picture of your receipt to


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