Boring Summer

So far there has not been one exciting thing happen to me this summer well im going to be  honest nothing ever happens to me during the summert im stuck at home doing pritty much nothing. Do you every feel like your life is unchangeable that every thing will always be the same well welcome to the club. So Know im at home writing nosence,there a part of me that whant change so badly that its kind of funny but there also the shy me that doesnt like unexpected things happing to her.What to do?Any way there also time you plane thing month ahead but when the momenet comes and you cant belive all the hard work that u did to get there and thing dont go like there plane is also part of life When you see all the Adults waking down the street do you ever wonder what hard times there life has brought theme ? I dont know where all this is coming from really no idea what so ever I think it from waching A walk To remember w/ mandy Moore mm really got me going with the hole you only have onle life to live so live without a dought So where does that leave me with i dont know but when i find out i let you know I think im going to go wach one of those stupid movie that have to meaning what so ever ! =D
Bye Bye people



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